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We Graphic Designing Company in Delhi have a team of experienced professionals who are experts in the field of Graphic Designing, Photography and, Video Productions
Logo Designing
Logo Designing

Logo designing is the process of creating a visual symbol or emblem that represents a company, brand or organization.


Branding is the process of creating and managing a company's reputation, image, and identity. The ultimate goal of branding

Packaging Design
Packaging Design

Packaging design is the process of creating and designing the visual appearance of a product's packaging

Custom Designing
Custom Designing

It refers to the process of creating unique and personalized designs for a specific client or project.

Motion Video Design
Motion Video Design

Motion design is the process of creating animated visuals that can be used in various mediums such as film.

UX - UI Designing
UX - UI Designing

is the process of designing the user experience and user interface of digital products

Techniques We Used

We Use Different Techniques for Marketing Prospects

Digital Marketing Company in Delhi
Graphic designers use typography to make text legible, readable and appealing.
They use photographs, illustrations, and graphics to create visual interest and engagement
Graphic Designing Company in Delhi
Color theory
They use different colors, shades and tones to create contrast, and balance in designs.
Prototyping and wireframing
Graphic designers use prototyping and wireframing tools to create mockups and test user interfaces
They use principles such as balance, contrast, and movement to create dynamic designs.
Video editing
Graphic designers use video editing software to create and edit videos and animations.

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I hired CityTamasha to create a new logo and apply it to various written materials, including business cards, stationery and more. Derek was very professional, prompt and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He came up with a terrific logo that I am very happy with and proud to post it everywhere

Denise Chastain Modern Wedding Photography, NYC

CityTamasha made the extra effort to describe how his work could implement the goals I sought, and helped me understand the issues inherent in each step of the design process. We worked extensively on my logo, finding the right balance and impact after making edits to the first design concept. In the end

Prima Sharma Founder & CEO of DDigitalera

The logo design choices that CityTamasha provided us to choose from for our first business logo were phenomenal. The choices weren’t easy; because they all were amazing in their own way. We let our children decide on their favorite and they chose the bison. We will forever be grateful to CityTamasha

Ankit Gupta Founder & CEO of Ammendumm

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